Ivanka Mcdonagh

  • Tell us about yourself

Ivanka Mcdonagh is a 20 year old woman, living in Sydney. Ivanka is a blog post Extraordinaire, owning over four different blogs that attract around 1,000 monthly unique visitors. Ivanka Mcdonagh enjoys travelling around Sydney, Floral arranging and various academic activities including chess, reading and studying.

  • What do you do for work?

I work as a professional online blogger and marketer.

  • Why did you choose to pursue a career in the field in which you currently work?

I love writing. I love the freedom that words give you along with the chance to take your imagination anywhere.

  • Most memorable moment in your career?

When I received a thoughtful email from a reader who said that reading one of my blogs was part of the reason they keep moving on every day.

  • What is it that you enjoy most about living in Australia?

Enjoy the multicultural influence and its multicultural dining experience.

  • Favorite Australian Sport?

NRL of course. Roosters!

  • What advice would you give to a first-time visitor to Australia?

Enjoy. It’s hot, we’re friendly but most of all it’s amazing.

You can find Ivanka Mcdonagh by clicking that link.

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