Month: June 2017

Jim Paull

Tell us about yourself Jim Paull is an up and coming Artist from the Southern Suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales. Jim Paull has created many paintings but has yet to release them to the public. Jim Paull participates in many Philanthropic activities including volunteering at a homeless shelter. What do you do for work? I

Shylesh Sriranjan

Tell us about yourself Shylesh Sriranjan is a consultant and a structured individual, Shylesh Sriranjan’s aim is to make well-built relationships with individuals and assisting them to a lifestyle they always pictured. Enjoys being around friends and meeting new people with an always happy to help attitude. What do you do for work? I work

Donald Mitchell Innes

Tell us about yourself Donald Mitchell-Innes, a 34-year-old male living out of New South Wales, Australia. Donald Mitchell-Innes enjoys the finer things in life. Donald Mitchell-Innes would prefer a whiskey at home watching the footy with a nice big steak than anything else. What do you do for work? I currently work for a travel

Carmine Petrone

Carmine Petrone is a 64-year-old male living in Perth, Wa. Carmine Petrone loves taking his dog for a walk, riding his bike and enjoying the company of others. Carmine Petrone has had a fulfilling life and is far from done, still working at age 64. Carmine Petrone has hopes of opening a nice little café

Hello There!

Hello Readers Welcome to the launch of This website is a site dedicated to getting a small in-depth insight to people of interest from all over Australia. If you have something to share, head over to our Submit page to download the questions and get started.